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What program do you use?

Unity/ Illustrator and I'm now using Spine for animations!

Just a heads up, unless you get a popular Youtuber to play your game again and sponsor the Kickstarter, chances are you won't make your goal.

Odds on you making funding goal is one out of million.

- Too big funding goal
- Game looks boring ( 5 minutes of gameplay and you get pretty much bored )
- 10$ smallest donation will scare out those small 3-5$ donaters which would give
huge amouth of support, becose if hundred cheap ass people donate 3$ then it will
get money and publicy.
- Art style isnt that appealing.
- point and click/choose games aint that popular now a days. ( except GOT telltale , etc )
- You guys should invest atleast some more time marketing.
- You guys just look like money hungry noob game devs to some people.
- You dont give out cool looking shirts to packers :D

Hope I was helpful, but anyways good luck. Anyway message me if your funding succees and
Ill maybe buy your game :D

I don't think it's as small as you say it is, but thanks for the input. However this is an experiment for sure. I've never done a Kickstarter and I figured I'd know more about the process by trying it out.

That said, the game will have a different art style than the original, that's more for promo purposes.

Who invited all these negative nelly's to the comments section??
I think $5000 is a pretty reasonable amount to ask. Any less than that, and people might wonder why you aren't just paying for the development yourself. Any more and people would wonder where that money is going for a smaller game like this.

I do think that $10 is too high for the game. Look at a project like Super Chibi Knight. Early birds got it for $5, and it was $6 after that.

For your game I recommend something like $4 early bird, $5 after that, and $7-8 for the soundtrack package. It will take twice as many backers, but you are also likely to attract 3x more people.

Good luck mate!

I totally agree! And thank you so much for being positive. I'll be changing my rewards tonight for sure. Thanks for the feedback!

Best of luck with this! Your campaign is really well put together; that goal will surely be reached. :D

Aw, thank you for the kind words! Not gonna count my chickens before thy hatch, but we shall see!

First of all, how is funding money just to spend it to create a game isn't being money hungry. It would be like telling a testing facility to grant less money from the Government, but a small portion of the town is wants buy a serum for smooth butts to the point where they can pay off the Government.

What I'm saying is... if even there is a low demand, in a perfect world you make enough profit and give back to people and you have enough funds for the next project.

And what do you mean by "unless you get a popular YouTuber to play your game", Markiplier and GTLive are pretty big (that's what she said) and played it and at least a baker's dozen of YouTubers have played it. Plus, why do you need social media to promote a game. I bet if no one released a video about this, gamers will still donate.

Sincerely, DeadTed (I like cookies)

Thanks for the response! I'm feeling quite optimistic about it to be honest! Already have a few surprising donations. Anyway, thanks for he feedback! (Cookies are delicious)