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New Plans - Weekly Satire Game

2016-03-22 14:54:56 by Jasonario

Hey guys! Jason here with an update of what's to come!

So I recently released a demo for my supposed-to-be big amazing video game, and no one really liked it, which was really disappointing considering how much work I put into it. I realized it was simply too ambitious a project for me at this moment in my career, and instead that I need to focus on smaller, more consistent projects to build traction with it.

So I've really given it some consideration and have decided to continue with one of my older ideas that was relatively successful. "Netflix and Chill" which is really a single episode of what I envisioned to be a multi-episodic series got over 180,000 plays by the time of this writing, and has been viewed on let's plays over 4,000,000 times! Which is kind of insane to think of.

Now, I don't envision having that kind of success immediately with my next episode, but I do believe there was something there as far as likeability and scalability. I plan to release another episode with the same character, me, Jason, in another "choose your own dialogue adventure" type of situation. I believe if I come out with an episode weekly, I can do quite well with creating a brand.

Anyway, the next episode will be out hopefully in a week, if all goes according to plan. Stay tuned!


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2016-03-22 17:03:13

Hope all goes well! I missed Escape the GOP Room when it came out but I'm following your account now. I should have been doing that sooner!

Jasonario responds:

Hah! Thanks Tom! I'm honored! Hope you enjoy the stuff to come. You the man!