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Jasonario Episode 2!!! Coming VERY SOON

2016-03-30 23:25:15 by Jasonario


Hey everyone! I just want to let everyone know that a new choose your own adventure game about Jason will be coming out IN JUST A FEW DAYS (hopefully). It will be about Jason getting into an argument with an obnoxious Uncle at a family party. Not a dating sim, but also pretty cool! 

It's the series you didn't even know you needed, coming soon!!


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2016-03-31 16:24:37

YES!!!!!!!!! This is going to be good, I will be live steaming this as soon as it come out!!!

Jasonario responds:

Got a link to your channel?


2016-05-15 16:54:03

Well its a twitch account but the name of the channel is sincby I'm probably going to make a YouTube account soon I will be steamingnext Friday if you got Instagram my name is sincby and my gmail is email me the link when the game comes out or direct message me too if you have Instagram, I love your work and I'll love to meet you one day and its nice that someone cares about my channel thanks a lot bro


2016-05-15 17:04:04

Plus a lot of youtubers are playing you game that's a dream come true for me and probably you too.