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NEW GAME!! Episodic Point And Click Adventure!!!

2016-05-10 20:15:10 by Jasonario

Hey dude's! So I wanted to let everyone in on the new plans I've been working on. After my last game wasn't really received well, I decided to go in a totally different direction, something a lot more interesting to me right now anyways. It's going to be an episodic point and click, mystery adventure game!

My plan is to get an episode every month, and for it to eventually compile into a long and awesome story. It's going to be a twisted, yet not too dark mystery story about a young guy investigating his sister's disappearance. I plan for it to be CHOCK FULL of interesting and unique puzzles, as well as have tons of different animations. I want it to be very hand crafted, and give you that feeling of discovery that point and click adventure games are known for..

Long story short, I really want this one to be AWESOME!!

The game should be released early June (Probably like June 7th). I'm hoping to get it sponsored so I'm able to do it monthly. I also plan not to release any more details about the game until it's done! So this is your ONE (very short and unfinished) SNEAK PEEK! Enjoy!!



I hope this looks cool to you guys! I can't wait to share the finished product!

UPDATE: I've decided to add realistic textures to the game to give it a nice gritty feel. Here's a pic:




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2016-05-10 21:05:17

Wow, it looks amazing. I love that its going to be a series.

Jasonario responds:

Thank you! I'm glad you like the concept!


2016-05-10 21:42:26

Looks pretty good! It could use a little more polish But other than that it looks fun! Hope it goes good!


Jasonario responds:

Thanks! Yea, totally agree. Gonna go back over it later with a HUGE "brush" of polish. Thanks for input!


2016-05-12 23:33:58

I think that it'll be a great game but the room kinda looks a little...bland. I think it needs more background stuff to make the game look alive or else it'll be just like those other point-and-click games that didn't stand out.
Good luck

Jasonario responds:

Yea of course, that's actually just the mapping out of the room. Plus, there are many more rooms.