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Reviving An Old Project (Scattered Time)

2016-10-17 14:31:11 by Jasonario

So about a year and a half ago I started working on a game called Scattered Time, and unfortunately got really overwhelmed and never finished it. Thankfully, I am now no longer overwhelmed, and have decided to renew it! Here's a quick clip, featuring my voice as Matthew, as well as Seymour as the Dean.

I was really upset to have cancelled this project at the time, because honestly, I loved it and the concept. I'm extremely excited to be working on it again! I even have some of the same voice actors who've agreed to continue!

My skills have improved immeasurably since I last began this project, and to be honest it should only take me a week or two to make! Really pumped to make it happen! Stay tuned!


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2016-10-18 12:28:32

I'd play the hell out of that.