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2015-11-30 18:25:45 by Jasonario

Hey, fellow Newgrounders! My name's Jason, and thanks to the staff for featuring my game! That is like, amazing!

Since I have your attention, I would like to introduce myself!

Hi, I'm Jason.

I kind of have this goal to make games with me in it. You see I'm also an actor, model, and voice actor, and I also love writing and doing graphics design. Guess you can say I'm a Jack of All Trades.

Even though I JUST finished Netflix and Chill (which actually only took me about 2.5 weeks to make), I've already began my new project. This new project is going to be a bit more ambitious in scope, and yes, I'm going to have a lot of voice acting. It's going to be a fully fleshed out adventure game, based on my own life, with voice acting and full character models and the like. Netflix and Chill was moreso a prototype to convince myself I actually could finish a game.

This new game I hope to be the start of an episodic series which is going to be much more intense, which I then hope to release as one big game on Steam at one point, so I can actually make a living doing this (currently I'm voice acting for money, which aint too bad, but not quite what I want to do.)

I just want to thank everyone who took the time to play Netflix and Chill and give it a review. It means a lot to a newbie indie like myself. And please, stay tuned, because I'm just getting warmed up!